Refresh, Revitalize, & Fuel 1% Better

At Steaz we believe every sip should make a difference, not only for our people, but also for our planet. Steaz has made a commitment to partner with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of all revenue to supporting organizations that are promoting environmental sustainability.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals & non-profit organizations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. Through 1% for the Planet certification, we can feel assured our donation impact is amplified to its largest potential.

Check out to learn more! 

How are we making an impact?

As part of our 1% for the Planet commitment, we are partnering with Kiss the Ground to start making a difference. Kiss the Ground is an established 501 (c) (3) with the mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration. We are working to help build awareness and educate our communities on how we can create better soil, and ultimately help reverse some of the impacts of climate change. Want to learn more?

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What is regeneration?

Regeneration is the process of capturing carbon in the soil and plants to renew & restore biological systems. Through regeneration, not only can climate change reverse, but we can create more nutritious food, increase biodiversity, and enhance total ecosystems. 

Why Soil?

95% of our food is grown from soil, soil is used to create freshwater sources, it helps balance our climate, and is ultimately the foundation of all life on land…do we need to say anymore? Healthy soil equals healthy, thriving life!

How can you make a difference?

For starters, simply by purchasing Steaz you are already making a difference! With 1% of all of our revenue committed to 1% for the planet, the more Steaz you buy, the more dollars we will be giving to great organizations like Kiss the Ground. Here’s some other ways you can get involved and make a direct impact!

Check out the Kiss the Ground Film to get educated on regeneration and it’s impacts on our soil and earth

Compost your food waste, make some amazing, nutritious soil, build a garden, & repeat!

Vote for policy change pushing for healthier soil!

Check out the purchasing guide on KTG’s website to find out how you can contribute to building a regenerative food system with the food that you buy

Donate at to support education and grow more awareness

For more resources and ways you can personally make an impact check out